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_ The Committee for Public Counsel Services has certified Greenfield Attorney Isaac Mass for his completion of CPCS Bar Advocate Training Program.  Mass has completed the seven day training program entitles Zealous Advocacy in the District and Juvenile Courts conducted by Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education in Boston, MA. 

Attorney Isaac Mass was one of only 19 attorneys statewide to be selected for this training which is a prerequisite for appointment in any of the bar advocate programs in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Mass who will represent indigent defendants in criminal cases for the Franklin County Bar Association Advocates was the only attorney in Franklin County selected to attend the training.

Any individual faced with the possibility of criminal incarceration has the right to legal representation. For those who cannot afford to hire an attorney, the Bar Advocate Program provides reduced fee or free legal services. Individuals eligible for representation will be assigned an attorney by the court.

The intensive seven-day training covers key skills for the district and juvenile court criminal justice system including arraignment and bail advocacy, understanding and maximizing the pretrial conference, sentencing, ethical representation of the criminally accused, discovery, investigation practices and techniques, building the appellate record, effective motions practice, and the jury-of-six session. The program features top-rate training by recognized experts, who critique attorney performance and provide unique and practical perspectives on how attorneys can become more effective.

Attorney Mass also takes private criminal clients.  Contact the Law

_ An older friend of mine, and fellow veteran, asked me how defense attorneys represent people they know are guilty.  It is a good question.  Just like everyone else defense attorneys want the laws to be upheld.  We live in the same communities with our families and want them to be safe.  Defense attorneys have a special role though.  They are charged will zealously representing the defendant.  This vigorous representation insures that everyone involved with the trial is obeying the law.  The defense attorney makes sure that the prosecutor uses the correct rules of evidence and makes sure the judge explains the law correctly.  Every criminal defendant is entitled to a defense.  This became the law in the United States in the famous case of Gideon v. Wainwright, 372 U.S. 335 (1963), memorialized by Henry Fonda in Gideon's Trumpet.  The principal is not new; it has been practiced by attorneys since the colonial times.  John Adams is heralded for his role in defending the British soldiers in the Boston Massacre.  John F. Kennedy wrote about, Adam’s brave defense of principal despite public hatred and venom in his Pulitzer Prize winning book Profiles in Courage. 

In many cases when working with a criminal who admits his guilt, the defense attorney is working to ensure that a fair sentence is imposed.  But the decision to accept a plea agreement is up to the client and not the attorney.  The attorney is bound by the ethical rules of professional conduct to hold confidential any information given to him by the client unless it is about ongoing crimes that involve the attorney or a criminal act that the client is about to commit.  In those cases, the attorney’s job continues to be to zealously and ethically advocate for his client.  Despite the defendants admission to his lawyer that he did commit the crime, under the law he is innocent until the prosecutor proves beyond a reasonable doubt that he is guilty.  If the defense attorney allows prosecutors or judges to cut corners for someone who is guilty, it is only a matter of time until those same corners are cut for someone who is truly innocent.  The defense attorney ensures that not only this defendant, but that you too are protected from the government.


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